Jef Wishaupt

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Jef Wishaupt is born in Maastricht, where he also attended the art academy. As it turned out, the miniature shapes which he developed in his early days as a jeweller can also be easily magnified to larger models. So as a sculptor, he remained true to the crafting traditions of jewellery, preferring to retain full control of the creation process from start to end.

An essential part of his artistry has always been his close involvement in the crafting traditions: craft, knowledge of materials and techniques, and the skill and love for classical shapes and beauty. This is perhaps not very remarkable, but it is all the more convincing because of its authenticity.

One can find the origins of the particular imagery displayed by Jef Wishaupt in the intimate relationship with nature and mankind. Apart from that, music is also one of his greatest sources of inspiration.

Jef Wishaupt’s art occurs in a continuum of timelessness and tradition, sharing the same sensitivity with trees and grass. His creations come into full fruition as he builds, mows and harvests them with care. Jef Wishaupt has never explicitly shaped his ideas according to any existing movements, but he has instead always created his own visual alphabet.

Whether it is jewellery, statues and statuettes, facade decorations, tomb monuments, fountains, instruments, or decorations and medals of honour, you can always recognise a “WISHAUPT.”

Sometimes it seems as if all this just happens  ‘out of nowhere’.  The hard work is self-evident for him and time and time again it represents a new challenge for him. Or as he puts it himself: “It is a mixture of inspiration and transpiration.”



Jef wishaupt/wie weet…?  text Fred van Leeuwen;  issued by Stichting Manutius in 1990

Jef Wishaupt with introduction by Chrisje van de Stene; publisher intho 1994

Jef Wishaupt beeldend kunstenaar; design Polka graphic Designers 2005 (crowned with the reddot design award)